“With Skweezees, we combine the idea of making input devices of everyday objects with the technology and aspiration of electronic textiles.”

In essence, a Skweezee is a deformable object, consisting of a soft, non-conductive, stretchy casing, and filled with soft, conductive, elastic stuffing.
In our prototypes, we used conductive wool consisting of steel fibres mixed with normal wool (Bekinox W12/18 from Bekaert). In order to detect the deformations, the Skweezees contain a limited number of (textile) electrodes that are dispersed over the shape. By measuring the resistance between any pair of electrodes the computer can distinguish different deformations (based on a Support Vector Machine classifier). As a result, Skweezees can be programmed to recognize specific shape deformations; users can record their own squeeze gestures and these gestures are afterwards distinguished.

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The Skweezees were presented at the following events:


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