Drum Duino

“The Drum Duino is a novel device that makes music or rhythmical sounds using any object as percussive instrument.“

The rhythmical sounds follow the drum patterns that are programmed using a tangible user interface. The main focus in this project was to design a tangible link combined with digital processing and physical output. This physical output is then transferred into audible sounds so it becomes a novel instrument. In addition it is a fun instrument to use because the user can experiment with different sounds using common objects found in his environment. Many of us may have grown up playing and learning music through beating and tapping on any object we could find in our vicinity. The more creative the user is, the more exciting the music gets. Both shape and material of the chosen objects will determine the sound that will be created by the tapping of the Drum Duino device. The two iterative versions of the Drum Duino are shown in the video.

The Drum Duino was presented at the following events:


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