Following projects originated out of the TIII project. They started out as exploratory projects by students and researchers but ended up being inspiring prototypes. We keep making newer and enhanced versions of these projects, so feel free to offer us feedback in how you think we can optimise our prototypes.


Autonomous Water Purification System
“This project constructed the prototype of a solar radion powered water purification system that can be used in Africa.”


Thermal Camera Calibration Unit
“We constructed a prototype of an on-site thermal camera calibration unit.The device maps relevent environmental data on the non thermal image. This information allows us to improve the accuracy.”


Innovative Mirror
“The innovative mirror is an R&D project where we explore the possibilities to integrate new digital interfaces into daily-life objects such as the bathroom mirror”


“ STIGglasses, a digital eyeglasses that can record your design activities”


“Ono, a huggable social robot for children that can show emotions.”



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