ddkersgi : December 26, 2015 11:11 : Case12_2015

In our last phase of creating the prototype, we seperately make improve the outer product design of the light, which is allready shown in our last post. There it was visible that the 3D printed light is suited for ‘clicking on’ a bike, front as well as back.

Apart from the functionality of the product, the technology itself is also in its final stage. So far we tested the xbee’s – arduino combo only with small functionality and small LEDs, but for the product itself it’s compatibility with a whole RGB programable LED – strip is required. This video shows the working principle of our system on this LED – strip.


visible is that when the module of the first bike behind is slowly taken away from the LED – strip (which represents the bike in front), lots of things happen:

- the white light is always on (representing the front light)

- the red back light is slowly growing in light strength as the module moves away

- the front warning light turns from green to orange, signaling the module’s seperation



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first CAD-model & 3D-print

ThomasGruwez : December 17, 2015 13:58 : Case12_2015, Mechatronics Design 2015

The first prototype was printed and already tested with a ledstrip on a bicycle.


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ddkersgi : December 3, 2015 20:55 : Case12_2015

Now that we can communicate between modules from 2 bikes, we are ready to start prototyping our product.



we work with 2 different systems:

- there is the FLIR LEPTON that filters the heat of cars and focuses the light

this needs light that can easily be focused at their direction. Therefore we use a curvy shape that contains a LED strip.

- it also needs a module that can dim light, in order to signal the rider behind of their distance to the rider just in front


because we want the back and front light to be the same shape, but just oriented differently, we try to come up with a design that looks good from both sides, whithout feeling abnormal in its location

- the front light communicates with the saddle light, to show the rider the current distance between him and his direct follower



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First test with the Flir Lepton camera

ThomasGruwez : November 11, 2015 13:32 : Case12_2015

We managed to get some output from the Flir Lepton camera, so we decided to take the camera outside en start some testing.
We drove with a car and a bicycle towards to camera to simulate an oncoming car or bicycle.

These are the test images we captured.


Some first conclusions:
- the car is indeed visible from a far range. That’s why we started using this camera to be able to register a car from a far distance.
- the difference in color between the car and its environment seems to be enough to be useful in the further programming.
- also the cyclist is visible enough and there also seems to be a difference in color temperature between the car and the cyclist which can be used to distinguish the difference between the two in the further programming

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Defining Concept

ddkersgi : October 29, 2015 19:49 : Case12_2015, Uncategorized


first hand we had to look in to a way of combining the concepts of creating a safe way to adjust your light while driving alone, and also the concept of adjusting your light to signal other cyclists while driving in group


to avoid a complex interface of switching between modes (like alone/group/dark, etc.) and a complex coding of different inputs to ensure these modes, we described many possible scenarios and protocols to find a simple way for reading in values and making differences between modes/statusses


we place a sensor in the seat of the bike, directed to scan the back view for bikes and cars.

reading in the values is as follows:

- reading in no following object: increase light (‘single’ modus)

- reading in following object: dim light (‘group’ modus)


This means, when youre driving alone, your light is being increased, to be safer and more visible for surrounding traffic.

When you are driving in group, your light is being decreased not to disturb your following cyclist team mates.

What happens when a person in the group cannot follow the others anymore? The bike he has to follow monitors the fact that there is no one following, he will go in ‘alone’ modus and his light will increase, to make sure the cyclist that is falling behind can still follow his precedents.




make an ‘add-on’ for the bike seat

- round form is ideal for round distribution of LED’s on the back, so that light can be emitted several directions

- form has to maintain aerodynamics of the bike

- light has to be montaged right on, to prevent theft




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Flir Lepton Camera

ThomasGruwez : October 29, 2015 17:46 : Case12_2015, Mechatronics Design 2015

We received our thermal camera sensor which we will use for registering oncoming cars and bicycles.

We use a thermal camera to reduce the noise, we would definitely get using ultrasonic or other distance sensors, due to weather conditions.
With a thermal camera  the warm engine of a riding car and the warm body of a cyclist can be easily separated from its environment which is very useful for our application.

Maybe we can even distinguish the difference between a car and a cyclist by only the temperature.







demo flir lepton:

other demos flir lepton:

The sensor will be attached to a raspberry Pi to go testing as fast as possible on some real traffic

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Choosing Concept

ddkersgi : October 29, 2015 17:44 : Case12_2015

After the jury, we continue working on a combination of these propositions:







we will try to integrate the chosen prepositions in one product






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Concept Presentation

ddkersgi : October 29, 2015 17:28 : Case12_2015

CONCEPT_PRESENTATIE_rv3 (link to presentation)

After a few weeks of brainstorming and searching for new ideas in the professional cycling world, we could immediately state some categories that are obvious, and contain most ideas;



- the idea of heating up your bike seat and steer; checking up the environment temperature and your body temperature, heat packs would be able to adjust your steer and seat to comfortable temperatures


- bike lights are imortant for signaling other traffic; the emitted light of the bike should be adjustable according to the location, speed and direction of other vehicels, so that your emitted light can specifically be monitored by them


- tools should be available for cyclist in group to make the transport easier; front and back light of the bike should be used for cyclist in group to signal their immediate followers of their location, their distance, the best spots for positioning, … This to make cycling in group easier, safer and more fun


- cyclist should be able to adjust their bike without stopping; the seat of the bike should be adjustable for the cyclist (for example when driving down or uphill) for their utmost comfort, as well as the pressure in their tires for changing weather conditions


- cyclist should be able to do more with the collected data from their previous rides during the cycling itself; cyclist should be able to race against themselves based by their lap times from previous rides, or against their best friends by comparing your realtime speed against their lap times from the same ride




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ThomasGruwez : October 15, 2015 15:22 : Case12_2015, Mechatronics Design 2015, Uncategorized

We brainstormden een aantal keer over welke mogelijke ideeën we konden uitwerken.
We haalden onder meer inspiratie uit de auto- en moto-industrie, uit blogs, uit al eerder gemaakte DIY-projecten, …



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Ridley – slimme fiets

Kobe Vanneste : October 14, 2015 22:38 : Case12_2015, Mechatronics Design 2015

De opdracht is een concept bedenken en uitwerken voor slimmere fietsen. Deze vraag komt van Ridley, een bekend fietsmerk in de wielersport.

Enkele voorbeelden: terreingebaseerde aanpassing van banden of andere onderdelen, zoals automatisch profiel/druk wijzigen in functie van terrein/weersomstandigheden of automatische regeling van de vering / schakeling op basis van terrein.

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