Semi-automatic kitting aid

JBoi : January 15, 2016 05:28 : Case03_2015

Case 3 – KITTY


Create a modular system to automatically assembles kits of small components. (e.g.: screws, bearings, small abs parts, etc.) This will be applied to the Opsoro project.
Product description

Kitty is a dynamic Kitting Machine which is deployable in various sectors and easily adaptable to change. It presents the perfect solution for the assemblage of the ONO, a social robotics platform. The modular structure of the robot allows customization and alteration by the user. As a result, each order needs to be separately processed.

When an order is placed, Kitty prepares for assemblage by counting and setting apart the corresponding metal hardware. Simultaneously the bins that contain the required larger single components, light up. An employee can easily collect all the components and the already assorted hardware.

The enhanced component cabinet can be increased or reduced as needed. Future possibilities include linking the system directly with a webshop and automatically printing shipping labels and order forms.

Team: Boi Joeri, Ideler Pieter, Willems Brecht

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Testing the final prototype

JBoi : January 1, 2016 05:22 : Case03_2015

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Final screw counter

JBoi : December 20, 2015 05:13 : Case03_2015

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Lights on!

JBoi : December 19, 2015 05:12 : Case03_2015

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Screwmills assembled

JBoi : December 17, 2015 05:08 : Case03_2015

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Tree structure

JBoi : December 16, 2015 05:04 : Case03_2015

The tree structure is used to catch the metal hardware. The concept is open source.

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Test 8 Gutter

JBoi : December 15, 2015 04:59 : Case03_2015

A nut got stuck in the gutter, this has to be avoided at all cost.

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Test 7 Gutter

JBoi : December 14, 2015 04:52 : Case03_2015

We tested the paper gutters and they proved too weak to hold. 3D printing was necessary.

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Test 6: Gutter

JBoi : December 9, 2015 02:18 : Case03_2015

Different gutter prototypes on the computer, optimized for the best angle through simulations. Frankenstein prototypes were made previously to test the result. However, there are no pictures of this setup.

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JBoi : December 3, 2015 16:11 : Case03_2015

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