As mentioned in a previous post we don’t use the led displays anymore. Instead we will use audio to give instructions to the user and provide feedback. Hindsight this is a very good change because of two reasons:

1. Adding sound ensures that we have even more opportunities for extra games.

2. the led display in combination with the led strips that visualises the game, means that we give two times visual feedback. It is better to give feedback through multiple senses, adding noise gives a new dimension to the game and ensures that the facility gives even better feedback


To add sounds to our installation we will use an adafruit wave shield. This is a kit that needs to be soldered. For budgetary reasons we will only use one shield, this  has as a result that both players will hear the same sound, we can’t send a different sound to the two speakers. To solve this problem we will use a relais (an example can be found here).

We will also need an amplifier to amplify the output  for a higher volume.



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