The project is aimed at companies engaged in designing and developing user interfaces. These interfaces will focus on applications for enter-, info- and edutainment and assistive applications. Here we distinguish different levels namely, Technology, Product Development, Application and User.


This section includes companies with expertise in sensors, actuators, microcontrollers and associated software for recognition of intuitive interactions. These companies are seeking new applications for their technologies.

Companies: Imec, Softkinetic, TNO, Quad Industries
Organizations: AgoriaSirris

Product Development:

This section includes the companies who do have expertise in developing innovative user interfaces. These companies are looking for new ways to design interfaces for better linking between the physical and the digital world.

Companies: Televic, Fisheye, Deknudt Mirrors, Songlines, Televic, One-Two
Organizations: Flanders in Shape


This section includes companies that develop software applications (within the digital world). These companies are looking for new interfaces that address the user in a more intuitive way or that can address new kinds of users.

Companies: ADZ


This part includes the companies that have expertise in user interaction. These companies are seeking new ways to improve the interaction between user and product or service.

Companies: U-sentric

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