About TIII

An overview of the partners who cooperated during the TIII project from 01/10/2012 till 30/09/2014. 

Goal of the preliminary study
The goal of the preliminary study from 01/10/2011 till 30/09/2012 as a preparation for a 2-year continued TETRA project (2012-2014).

The project is aimed at companies engaged in designing and developing user interfaces. These interfaces will focus on applications for enter-, info- and edutainment and assistive applications. Here we distinguish different levels namely, Technology, Product Development, Application and User.

At the request of the companies, a TIII-lab will be created with all necessary materials and equipment available for prototyping or testing a TIII (Arduino’s,Phidgets, sensors, actuators, tablet pcs with different operating systems, Kinect, …), with a specific focus on state-of-the-art. 

The TIII domain was explored during the preliminary study. We grouped the research results together with the results of a brainstorm session into five mindmaps: Design, Interaction, Technology, Application and Methods

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